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Upload speed reduced from 35Mbps to 5Mbps

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Thanks so much for the for the help. I appreciate the time.

I contacted TPG and they said the would call after 5pm today. They called at 2:30pm while I was in the bathroom. Promptly send an SMS reply and a PM but have not had any further contact.

This, sadly, is what happened last time I tried to work with the support staff. They didn’t call at the times asked and then went silent if I missed a call.
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How did you go with your slow upload problem? Did you manage to get it sorted with TPG? Really would like to know the outcome since I am having similar problem but even more worse upload speed than you. I am getting 0.23 mbps with my speedtest results whether it's by WI-FI or by ethernet.


Talked to a TPG techie and when he found out that I was getting good results on my mobile phone, he basically told me to go elsewhere for my problem and he couldn't wait to get me off the phone. 


Some great Tech Support from TPG huh?


Hi @pacificstorm,


We've created some articles that will help you troubleshoot the Slow speed issue.


If you are using a WIFI connection, then you may check these links to improve your home network.


If you need further assistance, please PM us your TPG customer ID, username and complete address.


To send a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community