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Used to have a static IP address and since repairs we now only have a dymanic address

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Hello Guys,


I need your help again.


We have a business account with TPG and for the past six or so years we have had no problems with the connection.  However, something went wrong aroud 3/4 May and we suffered huge connection time out issues.  The problem is fixed now, but in the process we have been shifted from our original static IP address onto dynamic IP, which changes everytime we reboot our gateway device.  We need the static address, because  our servers host our business web site and our mail server.


I spoke to someone at customer service, but I think that there was some confusion about what I was asking.  Are you guys able to help me?


Kind regards,



Hi @jadetree


If you have NBN residential plan, the IP address would be dynamic. Kindly confirm your TPG customer ID or username via private message, so we can check the plan that you have at the moment.