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Using 3G/4G Backup during NBN Failure

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Hello, my TPG NBN connection failed last week, and despite numerous promises of resolution in 24 to 48 hours, the estimate now being given is the end of this week.

In order to bridge the gap, I have purchased a 4G USB dongle and plugged it into the TPG supplied modem/router and activated the 3G/4G backup option, but the status appears as “unplugged” and “disconnected”.

I have successfully used the dongle plugged directly into my PC, but wish to use it through the router in order to share the connection with all my devices.

The dongle also displays lights indicating it is connected when plugged into the modem/router (but no change in the status in the modem/router setup page).

Modem/router model is TP-Link Archer VR1600v v2
Dongle model is Optus branded Huawei E3372

Please advise.

Hi @samdale12


We'd like to know whether your concern is already handled by our Engineering Team. 


Could please provide us with a ticket number or your TPG account details via private message in order to assist you further.