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VX220 GV2 frequently disconnects on 5g. VERY LOW RANGE

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Hi All, 


I bought a TPG VX220 GV2 after looking at all the features. Now I know that with my plan the speed is over kil but the idea was getting stable internet with minimum latency. That has not worked infact the router is worse than the one I had beforethat I GOT with the installation. 


My issues are as follows:


The 5g just DROPS, in ithe middle for absolutely no reason. Frequent disconnects !!!

The Range is truly well, its bad. I know its not your fault and I know you guys are doing a great job supporting the coomunity so please help me out as I upgraded because my wife works from home these days 60% of the week and I too have to work from home 40% and this low range and frequent disconnects are hampering us. 

Please tell me what needs to be done to solve this. Did I get a LEMON!!! is it a faulty unit maybe. 


really looking forward to your support. 


Best regards,



Hi @Anzar


We've responded to your post here.


What troubleshooting have you tried so far?

Have you tried changing the WiFi channel?