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Very Slow NBN

Level 2

NBN was amazingly slow especially at night time, and even for now. It’s already been several days. Can you please help?

Hi @sino83,


Welcome to the Community!


We are able to locate an account using your community details and was able to check the status of the service.


Our system recorded multiple connection drop outs at the moment and we'd like to identify what is causing this.


We will have a specialist contact you on the mobile number we have on file, but if you have a preferred contact details, please send it via private message. Thank you.

Level 2

Thanks for your reply.
The problem is no one at home are available to talk on the phone during the business hours. I wasn’t sure if it’s okay on weekends. Maybe could you write me some advice about what I need to do beforehand?

Hi @sino83, thanks for getting back to us.


We can see that you're currently on a Standard (nbn12) plan, which has a typical evening speed of 11.2Mbps download and ideal for essential use and 1-2 users.


In addition, this plan is configured on the nbn12 wholesale plan tier with 1Mbps upload.


We have checked the status of your connection and we are not detecting any fault on the line or network at the moment.


However, our investigation shows that you are maximizing the use of your upload speed, which is causing connection drop outs.


You may check this link for more information:


Furthermore, we can try to improve the stability of the service by setting up the QOS (Quality of Service) settings on your router.


Here's how you can configure the QOS settings for Netcomm NF12 router.


1. Navigate to in a web browser
2. Login to GUI with default UN: Admin PW: Admin
3. Select Advanced Setup > Quality of Service
4.Check the “Enabled QoS”
5.Check “SP”
6.Placed desired value in “Global Rate (Mbps) (0-1000)” values below “0” is not possible
7.Select the Default DSCP Mark as default(000000)
8.Click Apply/Save


You can also consider upgrading your plan to Fast (nbn50), which has a typical evening speed of 44.0Mbps download and ideal for streaming 4k video and heavy users. The Fast (nbn50) plan is configured on nbn50 Wholesale Plan tier with 20Mbps upload.


Nonetheless, we can have a specialist contact you this weekend for further assistance.


Please send us a private message with your best contact number and available time to receive a call.