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Very high, prolonged ping spikes, especially around night.

Level 3

Hey, I've been struggling with an issue with my NBN internet for around a month now, and it's prolonged lag spikes around night time. I do a lot of voice calls and online gaming and this basically prevents me from doing either of those when the lag spikes start. Using the ping command my typical ping hovers around 10ms but the ping spikes, which may last an hour with only brief windows of normal ping, will have ping between 100 and 3000. I am using the modem provided to me when NBN was installed, perhaps that's the issue? I have run the ping test on multiple devices and they seem to have similar results. I adjusted my WiFi's channel to one with fewer other signals on it, it seemed to have no effect. Is there any solution here I'm missing or do I just need to buy a new router and see if that works?

Level 12

Hi @SpoodsT . 

 What type of NBN connection do you have? What model router?

When you did ping commands, what was the target of the ping?


Need to get response times when you have normal operation and when you have the spikes.


Do these commands on an ethernet computer, or, if only wifi, use 5G band close to router.

If wifi, what wifi connection speed is reported on the device?


ping -n 20          (pings the router; should be 1 ms response)

tracert -d       (do it 3 times to get average times)

The second address in tracert is the router's default gateway; a "10" address.

ping -n 20 10.x.y.z        (the default gateway address above)

Run the TPG speed test; with no other activity.


You could post the good results and bad results here.