Very slow NBN

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I'm on the NBN 90Mbps plan and the speeds I'm getting are only around 20Mpbs, which is even slower than my old TPG ADSL speeds.

Here is the test result from TPG Speed Test ( 17.4Mbps upload, 29.7 Mbps download)

I know 90Mbps are the ideal speeds, but at least give me 80% of it......

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Tha's an anusual result.

Your Upload is faster than the Download.

Did you run this on Wifi or Ethernet?

What kind of NBN internet do you have and also the router that your're using?

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Well, It has always been like this. The best speeds I got were the first day of using NBN, around 35Mbps download and 37Mbps upload. All test results were on Wifi with the original TPlink modom from TPG, FTTB Super Fast 90Mbps plan by the way.


Hi @jwd20041715,


Welcome to the Community! 


We would be more than happy to investigate for you to see what can be done to improve your connection’s performance.


I've searched for your account using your Community details and was able to find a match.


Just ran a remote line test and this shows no physical issue on the line. 


But I do still recommend that we have one of our technicians give you a call to resolve your issue as your service may be affected by other factors. 


Please let us know your best time and contact number via PM so I can get a technician to call you tomorrow. 


In the meantime, here is a great article at TPG Community with some helpful speed troubleshooting tips that may also assist you:

For your reference, please check our article on How do I private message (PM) in the community.