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Very slow upload speeds NBN50 - Cremorne NSW

Level 1c

Cremorne NSW NBN50 is having significant problems with upload since everyone started working from home. Monday was the first day here I attempted working from home and my speeds for download were stable at about 47Mbs, while the upload hovered between 2-3Mbs - painfully slow and useless for VPN, remote desktop and MSFT Teams.
Monday evening I spent an hour to tech support and went through all matter of tests switching off and resetting HFC modem, Orbi routers, isolating devices on the network and eventually bitdefender's firewall and tweaking some settings which improved it a bit and it was hovering around 8Mbs. By 8pm the upload was back up to 18Mbs. This was probably more to do with upload capacity returning as it does each evening. I have been monitoring the speeds through the day and its the same, poor upload during the working day and back to full upload speeds in the later evening.
Now starting a new work day from home the upload speed is back down to an attrocious 2-3Mbs, while downloads are still good at 47Mbs. What is wrong with the network is there not enough upload bandwidth? The current uploads speeds are useless, making the NBN connection unusable for work tasks. The issue certainly seems related to traffic and a lack of capacity in this area.
I can also add that friends in the area with other service providers on 100Mbs plans are also getting that same very slow upload speeds. Is something being done to address the poor NBN capacity on the network in this area of Sydney?

Level 1c

Am I going to be ignored or am I going to get a response? I may contact the ombudsman as the upload speeds are not meeting acceptable standards in this area and we need some information on why it has been oversold.