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Very very slow ADSL2+ download and upload speed

Level 2

Hi TPG Support Team


My download speeds are extremely poor, my highest over the past week has been 3.0Mbps.

My upload speeds are non-existent at 0.5Mbps.


My location is less than 1km from the exchange as my average download speeds are normally above 7.0Mbps.


I have attempted to troubleshoot this issue by unplugging my wireless router and other devices to have a direct ethernet line between my modem and PC yet the speeds continue to remain the same.


I've also tried to isloate other telephone outputs in my home but still no change.


There are no new gadgets or devices in my home that are contributing to this sudden change so it must come down to my connection with TPG.


Can you please further investigate this issue as a priority and refer to my speed tests below:


Please contact me if you require any additional details.

Your earliest response is appreciated.


Thank you.



Hi @cheekyage,


Thanks for raising this to us. We ran an initial test to your service it shows a possible line fault causing download speed issue.


Please confirm if you're having issues (static noise; no dial tone) to your home phone as it will affect your Standalone ADSL2+ service with TPG. If so, we recommend to contact Telstra to check the line.

We'll wait for your response.