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Vlan tagging

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hey guys

google told me 

Upon checking the status page information you sent us, we noticed that a VLAN is present upstream of your network.

VLAN tagging is an unsupported feature by gWifi and OnHub. If the VLAN tagging is present on the network it can cause the network to go offline and appear that all devices have disconnected.

A workaround is using a PoE device, typically with Satellite ISP's, you can connect a switch or a third-party router in between the PoE device and the OnHub/Wifi parent point.


i have the tpg modem HG523d bridged to google wifi

the question is how to turn off the vlan tagging on huawei hg523d


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We don’t use VLAN tagging for ADSL2+. It uses VPI/VCI 8/35.


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