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Website access denied

Level 1b

We had the NBN (HFC) installed yesterday and it works well other than for the fact that I can no longer access certain websites or Apple TV apps. I am getting error messages that read

“You don't have permission to access (Various URLs) on this server.
Reference #18.ae49d5cb.1540988810.1425e77”

And with the NBA League Pass app on both iOS and Apple TV I am being told that I’m offline and I am unable to sign in at all. Everything worked fine prior to the installation so it’s something with the new DNS or IP - when I use a VPN the problem disappears on iOS but not Apple TV. Has anyone had this issue before and if so, what was the solution?

Level 1b
Due to the dynamic IP with NBN all I had to do was restart the modem until I got an IP address that worked. Seems a bit stupid but it works for now.
Level 8

Hi @mickmurray It's good you've got access again, if it happens again try and flush the DNS cache and clear the temporary internet files and cookies first, it might save having to reboot the router, let us know how you go.