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Weekly dropouts continue

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Hi all,


Since joining TPG in July last year we have had the internet drop out from 10:30am to 11:00am every Tuesday. Regular as clockwork the internet drops out. I have used the online chat thingo (recently with Glaiza- Hi Glaiza) a few times. The usual thing is, "Monitor the internet for the next 24 hours" but since the problem occurs every week nothing shows up. I have a NAS drive that I use to store my music and the drive creates log files which show the drop out every week. Is there an equivalent set of log files for my home internet connection? Today I noticed that the drop out started at 9:30am and we just went off daylight savings time. So whatever it is the drop out is synchronised to a non-DST type clock, like UTC. It has not really been a problem until I started working from home because of this COVID thing. Does anyone out there know what might be causing this. If so comment to this thread. Maybe the technical people at TPG monitor these things and they can fix the problem?


Hi jackdavis42,

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Have you tried to test with a different modem?.

We found some power boards are the cause for dropouts on the TPG modem,

If that is the case could you connect the modem directly to the wall socket.

Please advice if this helps.


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HI, No, I have simply used the TPG modem. The fact that the dropout occur at precisely 9:30 to 10:00 on a Tuesday points to something *other* than a modem problem. There is something weird going on at the exchange I think. I'm just trying to cajole TPG into investigating the problem

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I have a tentative explanation for what is going on: The DHCP lease is being renewed every Tuesday at 9:30 but the connected computers on the wired and wireless network created by the NBN router are not connected to the new IP address so it looks like the internet is disconnected. *Something* happens after half an hour or so and the NBN router provides new IP addresses to all the connected devices and they continue to work until the next Tuesday when the whole thing happens again.


Can someone tell me if this is a plausible explanation? If so is there some way to make the NBN router provide the new IP addresses before the DHCP lease expires? This would then ensure continuity of service.


If this is NOT the explanation, does someone have a better explanation?