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Welcome message and then rings...

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I wanted to know if it was possible putting a welcome message at the start of a call...  Ie, Welcome to Bob's Pets....  Please note we are busy for .....  if you would like to speak to someone, stay on the line.... then it rings.


I have rung TPG so many times and am in disbelief that it can not be done.  I have also been to many shops looking for a phone to do this.


We have the TPG unlimited Broadband and divert all calls to a mobile phone.






Hi @keepingitreal,


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At this moment TPG do not support this phone service feature.



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What you are looking for is an answering machine or at least a phone with answering machine capabilities.

I recently purchased a Telstra Call Guardian 302 because I wanted to have caller id displayed when the phone rings. It turns out that this phone (about $40) also has answering machine features enabling you to record a message to greet the caller.

Have a look at its features and if you want to get one you can buy it from Telstra or on-line; I purchased mine on ebay for about $30. Did I say that I am very happy with this phone?!