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What is the process of lodging a complaint?

Level 2



I have connected to TPG on 17th Jan 2024 and subscribed for NBN 100 as FTTP.


By 19th Jan, i figured out that the internet keeps getting disconnected for several hours a day, i have to reboot the router in the morning for a start and multiple time during the day. Sometimes it reconnects after reboot other times it doesn't forcing me to use mobile data for my WFH. 


I sent an email to 8:00 am Friday 19th Jan 23, got an automated reply to contact mail box is unreachable and is of no use. 


20-Jan-24, my internet was offline since morning for 3 hours, I have called Tech support number after conducting some initial triage. I figured that NBN optical light turns red when the outage occurs. 

It took an hour to connect to a real person, the internet came online (all by itself without reset) as i was on the call and i was told that everything seems fine, which is not true. 


I have requested to raise it to level 2 support as restarting the service is not a resolution. 

The person didn't gave me a ticket, i have no visibility of how this complaint is going to be tracked. 


I need to understand the resolution time for the complaints? 

The service i am getting doesn't meet the level TPG is advertising. 


After the support call i had a 1 min dropout that auomatically resolved (Image attached). I was not getting these dropout with my previos NBN provider (until 17th Jan), so there is something wrong with TPG service. 




Mujtaba Habib


Hi @mujtabahabib 


We'd like to have a better understanding of the situation and see how can we help.


Just send us a private message with your account details and we'll take it from there.