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When NBN connection fails....

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Having been connected to the NBN Home Bundle  now fo a few months, I'm finally experiencing in the last seven days what other people have been experiencing - the 'disaster ' - for months. Continous drop offs, slow internet speeds and countless visits by technicians.   I'm over it.......I have an alternative for TPG Clients by TPG if they are interested!     Are you willing to look after your clients and keep them happy and loyal; then Contact me and I'll let you , ALL, know...........Cheers


Hi @HarryA,


We've seen that the case has been resolved as we can detect that the internet has been connected for more than 5 days. Based on the notes from our Engineering team, there was a fault on the network of NBN which caused the issue. This was rectified by the help of the network team of NBN Co.

Should you require further assistance, please let us know.