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Re. Ticket 10258317

Today is day 11 of this shemozzle. It started Saturday 15/2 when during a thunderstorm, the power pack of my modem blew up. I immediately informed TPG I had no Internet and I found a new Power Pack to breathe new life into the modem but, The Internet Light was off, and the VoIP was red and still. The modem appeared alive, but I could not connect to TPG servers. After a stream of phone calls with TPG Tech Support, after tests after tests, I managed to get an appointment for an NBN technician to come over on Wednesday 19/2. Nobody showed up, nobody got in touch with me, the whole issue ended up in a sink hole. Back on the phone, day after day, more tests, more discussions, until I finally manage to get a new appointment for an NBN technician to come and check the line. That was for today, 25th February in the afternoon. Appointment confirmed and reconfirmed, ... Nobody showed up. Again. Nobody told me anything. Twice I spent an afternoon waiting for somebody who did not show up. Two half days lost with no earnings because I was waiting for the NBN guy and I could not work. 11 days without internet but paying for it. What do I have to do to get a reasonable treatment as a customer who has always paid on time? What kind of backyard company has TPG become? Do I have to move my business to another provider to get a sensible action? You guys tell me if I am being unreasonable.


Hi @Maurizio1955, we are sorry to know about what happened and we apologise for the inconvenience this issue is causing you.

We understand how it can be frustrating having to wait for a technician to arrive and not to receive any update regarding the technician appointment.

We have chased the matter with NBN Co. and we are yet to receive an update as to why the appointment was missed.

Instead, NBN Co. has provided a new schedule for a technician visit and we have advised them to make sure that a technician will attend this time to fix the connection problem.

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A lot of polite words, but nothing more than that: it's what we get from TPG all the time. The bottom line is that it's day 13 of the scemozzle, I have not yet got an SMS confirmation of tomorrow's appointment and I am prepared to bet the techician is going to stand me up again. Let's see what happen tomorrow.

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On Friday, the NBN technician finally come and in a few minutes he established that the line was OK but the modem faulty and reported to TPG. Incidentally: I requested a new modem on 15th February stating I was happy to pay for it, since mine was 5 year old and probbaly needed an upgrade: helpdesk refused to send me the modem saying they needed to find out whether the line was OK or not first. There was no way to get them to send me a modem even if I was ready to buy.

Anyway, after the technician left I rang tech support and tried to expedite a resolution. No way! The regular run-around. The bottom like is that today, Monday 2nd March (day 17 of the scemozzle) I got a message that "my order for a modem was being processed and the modem would be dispatched in 2-3 working days". You can imagine my irritation. We'll end up with a month without Internet if we are lucky. These kind of stuff doesn't even happen in Third World countries.


We apologise for the inconvenience this issue has caused you, @Maurizio1955. We had a look at your account and we can see that you have already received the new modem and the service appears to be up and running now.


Our Engineering Team is still monitoring your case and the case engineer will contact you via SMS or phone call for additional update.