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WiFi signals

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Hi, guys!

Since I changed the plan from $69.99(previously Wondercom, actually is TPG) to $59.99, we cannot have WiFi in bedrooms in most of times! It was doing great before.How is it possible? Isn’t it supposed to be better since they promised me it is the best one?

Thank you!

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Which brand / model did you receive? Not much information to work from yet,,

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HUAWEI, thank you


This Community article might help.


Easy Steps to Improve Wi-Fi Connection In Your Home

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Hi Starrunner,

 I'm also using the Hauwei HG659 in a 2 story brick home with internal drywall timber frame construction, I'm getting great signal strength on both 2.5 & 5ghz bands anywhere in the house and anywhere in the yard. Average lowest level around -60 dbm on both bands. 

 Are you in an apartment block with multiple other networks nearby? You may need to experiment with different channels to avoid interference. Give us some more information on your situation.