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Wifi dropped out from Sony Tv and now won't recognise network

Level 2

Sony Bravia recognises network but won't connect. Has been working ok until 2 days ago. I have restarted the modem and tv but still no luck. I have tried the modem password and also my TPG password. It tries to connect for a few minutes then show message on tv "Couldn't find TP-LINK_137 - Please try again".

First 4 lights on modem TP-LINK_B137 are green and stable.

Level 2

WiFi is working fine for mobile phone and PC.


Hi @janita69,


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We have checked the status of your service and we are not detecting any fault on the line or network that may affect its performance at the moment.


We believe you're using a third party router. If the Wi-Fi is properly working on other devices, this simply means that the issue is not with the router and the TPG internet.


We are suspecting a possible issue with the network/Wi-Fi settings on your Sony TV.


We recommend that you contact Sony directly for assistance.