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Yeedi Robotic Vac fails to connect to the network

Level 2


Our  new Yeedi Robot Vac won't connect to thr network.

The only issue previously has been with the App which monitors our solar inverter.  All other older devices such as Google home (with all devices) and ou TVs and aircon are happy with the %g mobile network.

I have looked at the Sagem settings and noticed both 5G and 4G are UP.

Can you suggest and way to solve this issue please?



Level 15

Hi @Waltec . Have you recently changed to 5G wireless (Sagemcom)?
What model router did you use before and do you still have it?
On your old router, did the solar inverter connect to it? Did it use wifi?
I guess the inverter monitor app runs on your phone, so did your phone connect to the old router?
Do you use a phone app to control the aircon? Does the aircon connect by wifi?
Which exact model Yeedi do you have? There are several with different capabilities.
The Sagemcom wifi setup might be the problem.
Can you detect two wifi bands from the Sagemcom, ie different names.