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Your customer service just hung up on me when they didn't like my question!

Level 2

I received a message from TPG saying that there will be a fee increase for my monthly fee which I don't understand. I have a 18 month locked in contract with you and I'm only half way through the contract and you just apply a fee increase on your own? This doesn't sound right to me at all! So I called multiple times in the past 3 days seeking clarifications. No one in your team could provide a legit explanation to me and only repeating "there will be a automatic fee increase next month." But why? Is this only a one-way contract and you can just change the T&Cs any time you want or does TPG have a different understanding of the concept of "contract" to common sense? 


At one stage, I wanted to switch to another provider as they offered a competitive price but I was told by TPG to pay off the remaining of 18 months fee before switching. I had to drop the offer at the time and stay with you. But now you just increased my fee within the contract period . Could you explain?


Also, when I made the phone calls, there were multiple times your customer service just hung up on me and didn't return my call back which unacceptable!




Hi @shuangchen1


Let us help and assist you on this matter. Any chance you can send in your TPG customer ID or username via PM so we can take a look at your account?