adsl slow

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I have been with TPG for many years now, and have to date been more than satisfied with the service. However, today I am experiencing a major slow-down in speed...please check and rectify


Hi @Buggalags


Welcome to TPG Community! 


We're sorry to hear about your recent experience given that you're one of our long time customers. I was able to locate your account using your Community details and managed to run remote tests. 


An ADSL connection is dependent on your distance from the exchange and based on the result of the line test, it appears that the line speed you are getting is not within range based on your distance, which is approximately 1.5kms. 


We will need to perform troubleshooting along with you so we can determine the cause of the issue. 


May I know your best contact time & number via private message so we can organise a call back to be made from our Technical team? 



Thank you. 


Hi @Buggalags, thanks for providing the details via PM.


We have escalated the issue to our Engineering Team as we have identified an evident fault on the line causing the issue.


We may need to send a technician to further look into this and the case engineer will contact you via SMS or a phone call within the day to discuss the matter.


Let us know should you have a preferred contact time. Thank you.


Hi @Buggalags, we can see that our Engineering Team has been in touch via SMS and discussed the latest update on your case.


We can see that the issue has been lodged to Telstra who has committed to send a technician anytime between now and 28/Mar/2019.


The Team is closely monitoring this and will contact you as soon as additional updates become available.


Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you.