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chatswood area average speed?

Level 1c

since our area just introduce HFC from this month, i just want to the what is the average speed under TPG, i am going to install the 100mbps plan later this week?


Hi JamesFoo.


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TPG is choosing to follow a guideline handed down by the ACCC that defines we measure speed and openly provide what a customer can "typically" experience during the evening peak period (7pm - 11pm) for NBN services.

The typical evening speed is attained by taking a sample of TPG customers across each speed tier over a two week period and measuring the average speed attained each hour. We then take the lowest of the average speeds and use this as the guide for that particular speed tier.

The NBN100 has an NBN wholesale speed of 100Mbps. The typical evening speed of this plan is 71.4 mbps with an upload speed of up to 40 mbps. We expect speeds on this plan outside of these hours to be on par or better as there are typically less active users on the network at other times.

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