constant DNS issue

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Hi all, 


figured i'd ask here before spending hours on hold...

Constantly having DNS and caching issues with my NBN business connection.

our business does a lot of website development and when we are uploading new websites and changing nameservers etc we have tonnes of issues where the old websites still load on any device on our network and the only way we can resolve this is to reboot the modem. clearing cache on browsers flushing DNS etc do nothing at all. 


any ideas or thoughts about this issue?



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Hi @help2u32 . Do you provide a local DNS for your computers and are they set to use it?

Or, do they use the router as DNS?

The router has 2 DNS addresses provided by TPG which represents the actual state in the internet.

Once you upload the new website data, you want changes reflected in the internet. Generally, DNS data (host names) stays the same. URL data changes to reflect new programs. 

You may need development computers using your local DNS and environment, and other computers with standard settings accessing the internet.

The router doesn't cache anything. The computers won't care if router is rebooted. They probably get their same ip address and same default gateway.