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dismal adsl2+ speeds

Les Level 1a
Level 1a


i have been a customer of tpg for several years now, i thought adsl2+ would actually be good to browse the internet and play games but i am extremely dissapointed with my connection, the maximum download speed i have achieved with tpg adsl2+ is 230kbs which is horendous, as of the last month or so this has dwindled down to less than 100kbs and started dropping connection, my understanding of download speed seems to be that it should be 1/10th of connection speed, when i had dial up 56k, d/l speed was 5.8k, then i went to 512 dsl, and again d/l speed was 54kbs, with connection i would expect approximately 2.4mbs, i havent moved house, my lines are as they have always been, i've had cable hanging out the front for the last 13 years but they havent connected this section so i have very little choice but deal with this crap, i want it sorted out.


Hi @Les,


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I am sorry to know that you're having difficulty with the speed of your service. I was able to locate your account using your given details. Initial test results shows a possible line fault causing the connection to run slow and causes dropouts.


I would like to arrange a call from one of our Technicians for further test and investigation. PM me your best contact number and preferred time.


In case you need a reference: How to send a PM.




Hi @Les,


I've seen that you have been in contact with one of our Technicians and conducted a series of tests. The test result shows a possible line fault causing a slow connection to your service.


This has been raised to our Engineering Team for further investigation. Assessment may take 24hrs and updates will be provided via SMS or a phone call by one of our Engineers.


Let me know should you require further assistance.