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does updating my firmware fix upload speeds?

Level 1
Hardware version:VER.B
Software version:V100R001C370B011_Primus


hi there just wondering if updating my firmware will fix my upload speed. i have moved much closer to the closest exchange and currently still on 7.1 mbps DOWNLOAD and 0.6mbps UPLOAD


i am a streamer slash gamer and i need to be able to go live with atleast 5 MBPS upload at all time can you help me out



Hi @valerieciriyawa,


Welcome to the community!


I used your community details to pull up the account and I got a match.


I've seen this speed issue has been escalated to our Engineering Team and it is now under assessment.


I will pass this on to them for additional reference to the escalated fault.


I will follow up on this rest assured feedback will be provided where is possible.






Hi @valerieciriyawa,


I've seen that our Engineering Team tried to contact you to provide the update on the escalated fault unfortunately no avail.


I'd like to get your best contact number and preferred time. I'll have them contact you again.