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Slow internet speed

Level 1b

My ADSL2+ has been so messed up and slow for the last month and a half, Can't even check emails, load youtube videos on 360pp? nah not even. 144p with constant lag spikes.


Before anything generic, i've done multiple tests, I even went out and bought a new modem.

Can't even run speed test

Latency Test Error

Could not connect to the test server. A firewall could be blocking the connection or the server might be having some issues. Please try again later.


Sometimes I'll get 1mb if im lucky these days... at best it stays at 0.2, can I please get this looked into, paying for adsl2+ but honestly feels like im paying for dial up speed


Hi funkipanda


Thanks for raising this matter to us. I've managed to run remote tests and found fault on the line. I'd like to organise a contact to be made from our Technical Team so we can perform further troubleshooting. 


Kindly send your best contact number and your most convenient time to receive a call via private message.


We'll wait for your response. 





Good day, funkipanda


We're concerned about the status so I went ahead and scheduled a callback to be made tomorrow between 10AM-11AM AEST on the mobile number we have on file.


Should you have another call back number or othe preferred call back time, please don't hesitate to let us know. 




Level 1b

Sorry was meant to send as a PM


Got your PM, funkipanda


I have requested to reschedule the call back tomorrow, 25 July after 4PM. 


Feel free to contact us again should you have any further concern.