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some of my emails go to TPG mail box, some go to my Windows7 live mail, can I enable my mail to go to both boxes?, also I have been with TPG since 11/ feb/18 but my tpg mail box has been emptied how can I ensure the contents stay their for 45 days?


Good day @augerwood,


Based on the information that you've given us, it is possible that your Windows 7 Live mail has downloaded the emails from the server and didn't leave a copy in the TPG mail box that's why some emails was not showing on it.


In order for the emails to be available in both inboxes, you need to look for the setting below.


You need to put a check on "Leave a copy of messages on server"


We don't have any tools for Windows 7 Live Mail exactly, but you can try this steps if it's just the same.


  1. Go to " Accounts "
  2. Click on " Properties "
  3. Look for " Advance Tab "
  4. Then you'll see the " Delivery " , put a check on "Leave a copy of messages on server"


You can also contact Windows Support for more information.


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