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email attachment error

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from 27 may 2020 late that evening i have been unable to send emails with attachments. the error message says 'error occured uploading attachment'. i am a dr working from home and desperately need to send attachments as part of my business. i use google chrome as my browser. it was working fine until 2 days ago.


how can i get this fixed asap please.




Hi @bajude ,

May I know if your ADSL light is on or internet is working? As you  only have Email with us , it is hard to  check that. Plus please check if you are using updated browser and also can try different browser, if you mail box is full, it also can cause a problem. You may also have to check the size of your file that you are attaching too. Pls let me know if you still having issue.



Level 2

I have the same problem as bajude. What was changed after 27 May 2020 to the email service? 

Level 2

I also had a similar problem. Reseting the modem or turning the modem over night did not work.

I used the help chat to notify TPG of the issue. They escalated the issue.

It was fixed in about 5 hours (ie the next time I used email with attachment)

Not sure what the problem actually was.

It is slightly  slower to upload the document but it can now attach document to file