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emails suddenly stopped working

Level 2

My TPG email suddenly stoped working on my macbook. keeps askinbg for the password then says it can't verify the account. has been woking fine up till 02/11/18. I know the password i'm entering is correct as I can log into my emails via post office.


Hi Tlc0274,


We're sorry to learn that you're having trouble in using your mail client. If you can log-in using Post Office, it only means that there no issue with TPG's mail server. 


You may try visiting this link on how you can troubleshoot the issue on your Mac mail:

Setting up email on your Windows 10 and Mac Mail 10


Please let us know how it goes. 




Level 2

i have checked all the settings and they match perfectly. But it's still. sayi ng can't verify account

Level 2

if I delete the account and set it up again will I lose any emails?



Hi ,


If you have a POP3 email account with us, all emails older than 45 days will be deleted automatically from TPG Post Office. That being said, if you will remove your email account from your mail client (Mac Mail), all emails that you have saved beyond 45 days will also be deleted.


It would be best to contact your mail client support if the issue still persists. Thank you.