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getting super slow speeds of 10Mbps on a NBN100

Level 4

Have got FTTH with 100/40.
Realised that there are few maintenance happening in NSW today and tomorrow but none of which are currently InProgress.


Not sure what's going on as speedtest on tpg site and returns 10-20mbps download (10% percent of the speed promised) but still getting the 40mbps upload.


Nothing has changed hardware, connectivity wise on my end but has downloads has slowed down to a halt since.


I have changed my plan to NBN50 for now while until this issue can get sorted.
Can't justify paying an extra $30 per month cant even reach past 20mbps.

FYI. this is at a direct wired connection.
Anyone else getting the same issue?

This is in NSW



Now changed to NBN50 .

Able to get 20mbps upload but nowhere close for download. Still stuck at 10mbpsSmiley Sad

Level 2

I've been on the 100/40 HFC connection for 2 years now, I used to get 95mbit download speed.

Last night I was only getting 20mbit. Tonight I'm only getting 10mbit.

I contact helpdesk and tech support but they either ignore me or give me the run around.

Either way the problem is never fixed.

$100 month for 10mbits at peak time, I was better off on ADSL

Also in NSW

Level 4
I feel you. I’m not sure if this is part of the dns issue, maintenance happening or overall plan to kill off the 100/40 speed

Anyway. I bit the bullet and swapped to nbn50 and now getting Atleast 42mbps download. Far better than 10mbps on nbn100 and $30 cheaper!

Hi @avt85


Thank you for the update.

If you need further assistance, please let us know.


Hi @Raistlin


We understand that your case is now being handled by our Engineering team and updates will be given as soon as it becomes available.



Level 4

Hi @BasilDV ,


I could do with your assistance actually.
I find that even after swapping plans.
My IP resets far more often than before despitemy modem not being restarted or staying online the entire time.

ie. modem uptime is 25hours, while ip (wan) uptime is 6hours since last ip reset.

EDIT: I also reset the NBN modem itself where the optical cable is connected to
Thanks in advanced


Hi @avt85


Aside from noticing the IP up-time, did you notice if the IP address it was changed? Did you take note of the IP address that your modem received from the IP pool?

How many times did the IP address change in a day?



Level 4


Yes, the ip changes everytime the uptime on the WAN(ip) uptime is reset.
Today alone has happen 3 times.

Also notificing severe degradation in downspeed of 10bmps from 40mbps after 7pm.
Was never an issue from the start of the week.
ie. one of the reasons I changed from NBN100 to NBN50 as I could not justify paying extra monthly if I'm getting 10mbps at night all of a sudden.

Help please?

Latest test right now and showing downspeed not even close to the average speed I was getting earlier this morning and afternoon.

Level 3



Same issue for me!! Last couple of days has been horrible!!! On 100/20, and during peak times, speed drops from 95mbps to 10 or 15mbps if I am lucky!! Also in NSW.


TPG, seriously! What are you doing!!!!

Level 4

glad to know its not just me inztigator

pretty frustrating right?

considering no outages mentioned in the tpg website or any reported outages/maintenance on the NBNCo site either



Level 2

There's no outage. TPG simply isn't providing enough bandwith to meet evening demands (7pm-9:30pm).

People on the 100mbit plans are worst affected.

TPGs front page claims 80mbits typical evening speeds for 100mbit customers.

Needs to be changed to "20mbits if your lucky!!"