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home phone line disconneted

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Ticket# 8458399 - Not resolved - No one attended.


The complaint which I registered on last Wednesday 10th May is still hanging around.



Hi @siva,


Welcome to TPG Community!


Apologies for the trouble.


I've managed to pull up your account using the ticket reference you've provided.


I can see that this case has been raised to Telstra as the last TPG technician that attended your premises last 11 May has identified a possible issue with the physical line being controlled by Telstra. We're now waiting for an update from Telstra.


I've now chased this with our engineering team and they'll be contacting you further as soon as updates becomes available from Telstra.



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Great Erika,

Thanks for ur time..
Expecting this issue will be resolved ASAP

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Please expedite with the engineering team to chase up with Telstra.   


I am really unhappy with the technician who attended the issue on 11 may and submitted the complete report on 14 May to raise the issue with Telstra.  If he could have updated properly and issue raised with Telstra on 11 May, by this time the issue could have resolved.  (All these happen after my repeated phone calls)

Because of his mistake, your valued customer kept with no connectivity.


Please take my grievance to higher management.  Like other providers why cant TPG provide Dongle or alternate internet services for issues which took more than 2 days.


Expecting the issue to be resolved today, if not please share the right contact in TELSTRA and the ticket number.


Can't wait for any further delays.



Hi @siva,


I can see that one of our engineers has been in touch. Telstra informed us that they've booked a technician to check your TPG service anytime between now and 17 May.


We always grab the earliest date that we could to get your service working. However, we cannot guarantee this as we work with our suppliers to provide this particular service, which means we are reliant on their scheduling.


Your case is being handled as a priority by our Engineering team and the team is actively managing this case and applying pressure to Telstra to get as much information as possible regarding this line fault.


Further updates will be provided once available.



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Hi Erika,


Thanks a lot for the efforts and giving high priority.  Issue resolved now. 


Telstra technician identified the actual cause of the power line fault and rectified it. It seems some technician on 09 May 16:00 hrs disconnected our line mistakenly while giving a new connection. 


Hi @siva


That's great news, thanks for updating us! 


I'm glad to know the issue is now resolved.