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internet is intermittent

Level 2

Since the weekend, internet is intermittent. NBN has no reported outages and the NBN modem/black box is solid with their four green lights. The TPG router is not solid - DSL light is off and Internet light flicks on and off. Both ethernet (TV) and Wi-Fi (computer/phones) connections are impacted. Reset everything but nothing helps. Frustrating as I work from home and can no longer attend virtual meetings, extra frustrating when streaming buffers when trying to relax or stream shows for my kids. Help. Now. Please.

Level 15

Hi @mapatton . If you have the black Arris NBN box, the DSL light is not used. The WAN light indicates connection to NBN box.

When you get intermittent connection, don't turn off or reboot router. Login to router, save the system log so you can extract the part leading up to the fault and the bit after showing the recovery. Copy and paste it into your reply.