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iptv channels

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I phoned Support several weeks ago because I noticed I was not receiving some IPTV channels. I named the channels that were missing. The support person checked and said that the missing channels were no longer being supplied. That sounded a silly thing to say. When I checked IPTV a few weeks later, I noticed that the  combination of channels had changed. (I no longer have either list.)

Checking today, here are the Working channels: Al Jazeera, Movie classics(test pattern), Russia Today, Seven, Seven 2, Ten, SBS 1, 11, SBS 2, Gem;

and the Not Working channels: Voice of America, ABC news 24, ABC 1, ABC 2, One HD, SBS 1 HD, Nine, Go(99), 7Mate.

There are several foreign language channels and a few others which I don't care about, so don't know if they work or not.

Here is the URL for a working channel: rtp://

Here is the URL for a not-working channel:rtp://

Replacing the @nine..... with its IP address did not help.


It would be good if you could add in  channel 12 "10 BOLD" and channel 76 "7flix".



Hi @david64 ,


Thanks for raising this to us. We escalate this issue to our Technical Team for investigation, we'll provide you an update on this thread when is available.


Let us know should you require further assistance.




Hi @david64 ,

There are issues specially with Sydney Local Channels that are currently under investigation but no Estimated Time of Resolution.

Note: TPG IPTV is a free service and it is still in Beta Stage. There's no guarantee that it will work 24/7.



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IPTV has been available since at least 2007 since I have an email from then. Between 2007 and a few years ago, the delivery method to the user changed since I had to call support about that. So, IPTV should not still be in beta testing. Unless you are testing out a new way to get the TV data stream to each exchange.