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microsoft outlook disconnect when my office VPN is connected.

Level 3
 I am currently working from home due to the government shutdown and restrictions in Adelaide.
My internet works, but when I connect through vpn, my microsoft outlook does not work and when I disconnect VPN, it works. 
No issues with the VPN or the internet as such, only issues with Outlook get disconnected when I login to my office VPN. I tried to raise it with my office IT support and they checked everything was fine. I tried to connect with my Telstra mobile hotspot and everything is normal, like outlook works on VPN. 
This is only happening with my home broadband. Please help.
Thanks & Regards,
Level 15

Hi @manu5555 . Do these commands when you are not using the VPN and Outlook is connected.



Do the same commands when you are logged in to office VPN. Post the results back here.