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modem / Router replacement charged

Level 2


Need to write this email as seems I had been made fool here by TPG


first of all since last 4 months there is continuous packet drop which is causing my internet unstable 

looged ticket many time , some testing was done ,I provided evidence of packet drop is caused due to some DHCP issue 

however it was engineer who suggested to replace the modem / router .knowing the fac that the existing router is just 3 months old 

Replacement was done however after some time same problem of unstable internet and same reason of DHCP not reachaable 


to my surprise I was charged for this replacement router not sure why 


I expect this to be sorted out and need my money refunded for the replacement router as there is no problem from my side and replacement modem was suggested by TPG engineer 


if this is something which cannot be taken care off by TPG I am more than happy to closed my service with TPG