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no internet in dandenong area

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dear tpg.
im still got no internet in my area.
the scheduled maintenance should be 12 am to 6 am . it almost 10 pm still got no connection.
i already restart the modem twice, still the same

Hi @arifwani 


Welcome to the Community!


My apologies for the service disruption you've experienced. Your service was affected by an NBN outage. It was reported by NBNCo at 7:20PM AEDT last night (December 18) and was tagged resolved today at 9:41AM AEDT.


From what I gathered, the outage impacted 212 customers and it was due to an issue with a power supply unit. NBNCo has arranged an electrician to re-terminate the affected equipment.


I can see that your modem has been up for at least 1 hour already. If you're still having technical difficulties, feel free to leave a comment so we can look into it further.