no service no roaming

Level 1c
I do not understand why, that on the day of the start of a new service with TPG, my Telstra service is disconnected and I have no service at all. I cannot work. No one told me I had to pay first. No one told me how to pay..... Totally angry.

Hi @pamela1900,


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We were able to locate your TPG account using your community details and reviewed the call when your order was processed.


Before the order was processed, your Telstra service was already not working. You were advised by our Accounts specialist to contact Telstra to check it as we don't have any means to know if there's an issue with their network. Is there any update when you contacted them?


The Accounts specialist that was able to contact you yesterday was able to discuss the payment method (via Credit card or Direct debit) and the initial fee that will be deducted to your account to progress your TPG NBN service order.


If it's still unclear, I will arrange a call from our Accounts team to discuss this further.


Please shoot me a PM with your preferred time and best number to be contacted.


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