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one of my accounts plan never changed to the offered upgrade 250mbp/s

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I currently hold 2 accounts with TPG and both were offered the free 6months of upgrade to the 250mbps plan, those plans changed with 1 of the accounts having issues and I had to report this to take effect.

later when the free offer was about to expire I was offered an upgrade 250mbps for 85.99 plan which I opted to signup, however this only seemed to have applied to 1 account and not the other, the same account that I initially had issues not being upgraded to the free offer when it was intended to.


Now I have received an email to then realise that my plan hasnt been upgraded and I am back on 100/40 which the email states that it will downgrade to 100/20 and to keep my 40upload I need to pay an extra $10.


well in the first place why am I even not on the 250 when I accepted it?


can this please be looked into.


Hi @kaushikpatel86


Thanks for raising this with us.

We'd like to look into your account for better understanding of the situation.


Please send me a PM with the TPG username or customer ID number of the account that you want to upgrade to the new speed.



Level 2

Hi BasilDV,

Thanks for responding.

Firstly I would like to bring to your attention I started reaching out other service providers yesterday after twice being thrown around back and fouth in the call queue when I called up yesterday and this was a horrible feeling and customer service.
The last person I spoke to was a sales lady (dont recall the name) who said my situation will need to be handled by a supervisor/manager and then transfer my call which was really being put through the first IVR option.

Anyway coming back to you, my TPG Username : directly PM'd you