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online chat and phone customer service not working

Level 2

i keep getting hung up on after waiting for like 2 hours on the phone.....tpg just simply hang up....the online chat is a laugh unless they mean to 'online chat to yourself?' cause after posting what i had written an hour and a half the "person ended the conversation"......the one sided conversation.... i love TPG up until now they are going to go under if they keep going like this....i dread to change ISP's but looks like i may have too....

sorry if this is the wrong place to post this


We are sorry to know about what happened, @casper. We take a genuine interest to all our customer feedback and we'll review your previous interaction with our staff as part of our ongoing effort to provide the best possible customer service.


We'd like to help resolve any issue at hand. Please reply to the PM we have sent with the details. Thank you.