poor zoom calls

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We are paying for the best connection, and have only been in this newly renovated home for about 8months - so really still brand new connection, wires etc. Yet - we have consistently poor quality zoom calls if we hold them in the evenings. We experience lagging, freezing, and dropouts. Why is that - what can be done?

We also experience dropouts during normal working hours, and on weekends - probably every 3 weeks or so. Even when connected by ethernet. All the lights are on the black nbn box, and the modem lights are all okay too. What could be going on there?

This is a screen shot taken about 15mins after I tried to have a zoom call at 5.45pm


Hi, @josieml1.


I've managed to run some remote tests and I don't see any line issues that can affect the speed of your service.

We're currently detecting a stable session of your modem for the past 6 days. 


Have you tried doing a speed test during zoom calls? If yes, how much speed do you get via wired and wireless? 

You may also reboot your modem for and do a speed test after  to compare. Let us know how it goes, thanks.