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regular outages nbn fttn

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I have lived in this house since 1996, am an ex-Telstra customer, moved to TPG NBN a little while ago.

Have had phone issues since the 1990s, and Telstra always refused to run new copper cable as "fibre is coming soon". Well, we got FTTN, and I have 650m of copper with a dozen or so pits (1970s housing area).

The cabling regularly fails due to corrossion in pits, so a tech guy will come out and tell / show me the repair he did in one of the pits. It is always a "patch job" and I have been told many times that as soon as a repair gets logged twice in same location, that a permanent repair will be booked (eg, repair same pair twice in same pit means new cable length to next pit). Problem is - Telstra (now NBNco) fudge the repairs on record. The last repair (couple of weeks ago) was done at a pit 150m from house, but was recorded by NBNco and reported to TPG as "internal fault"; as in, inside the house.

So, I have no NBN again, since 13:45 today. I have been on chat since 15:30, it is now 21:05, with chat closing at 00:00. I am #57 in queue since 20:35 (yes, 30 mins with no movement - seems only one perosn doing chats at TPG end, and they are possibly asleep).

How do I have my NBN repaired NOW, seeing as chat will timeout before I get a look-in, AND how do I get it fixed properly..?