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Right. I've had enough. 

I called on Thursday 7th May to relocate my internet address. After the terms and conditions video was palyed, i decided to cancel this relcoation due to personal life reasons. Angelica confirmed that the request would be cancelled.  That same afternoon I had $41.25 deducted from my account, I called TPG and was on hold for almost two hours and then the line disconnected. I called back and left my number in the queue to be called, but I was never called.


At 7:30am on Saturday 8th May I had $69.99 deducted from my account, I called TPG relocating team and waited on hold for over an hour. I then spoke with Gino who was extremely unhelpful, putting me on hold for over an hour to seek confimation of a refund. Turns out TPG made the fault of not processing the cancellation. I had to duck into the Real estate for 5 mins, my partner asked Gino to hold for 2 mins whilst i was coming back, but Gino hung up. I called again, waited on hold for almost an hour, and a male from billing whom i cant remmember the name, left me on hold again for roughly 30 mins to seek the SAME confirmation Gino was seeking, and then told me i had to speak with the another department. This man transfered me through to the WRONG department which I found out after waiting almost two hours. The Tech Support guy said he would put my name down for a call back from the billing department, This call never came. '


The internet in my current address is now disconnected, so i have no internet at all and i'm trying to work from home. I'm beyond furious. 


I have tried calling again over the weekend and get left on hold for hours. I've asked to speak with the manager and the workers did not put me through to managers just kept telling me to call different departments. It's been that much of a mess around i'm forgetting which bloody department is which. I'm at the point where if i dont hear from someone in the next 24 hours and get this sorted, with a full refund. I WILL esculate this matter to the Telecommunication Ombudsman or any other avenue i can. This has caused a lot of inconvenience.  


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