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slow internet speed in Eltham North

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I have been a TPG customer for almost 30 months when NBN was launched in Richmond and paying for 50 MBPS rate; the speed was very good.


I moved to Eltham North in January 2021 and continued with my TPG 50 MBPS account


Found that I did not need the NBN modem and only required my modem connected to the copper telephone wires  and maximum speed was 30 MBPS.


Called TPG who advised that maximum speed in my area was 30 MBPS.  I am still paying rate for 50 MBPS rate because if I dropped to a lower plan, I would get only 25 MBPS.


Telstra provided quote of $15000 to wire me to NBN


Was reading TPG community note about internet "speed boost"!


Can TPG please provide any advice about proposed future NBN upgrades to my area and if speed boost available for me?



Hi @bigdog88


We'd like to check further if there are other options available for you in terms of line speed. 


Any chance you can provide us with your service address via private message