slow speeds adsl2+

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again i am getting low speeds, even with a wired connection. some days are better then others. sometimes watching netflix it has trouble keeping up, lately ive noticed if it downloads at 600kb/s thats about max and doing anything else on any other c will just slow that down.

its been slow for some time now and used to be alot better. its at the point where soon i'll be looking for another isp, been with tpg for about 5+ years.


Hi @yogibear,


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I checked your account and seen that your modem is receiving a Downstream of 14349 Kbps and Upstream of 1020 Kbps (you'll see it in your modem interface) which is passing based on your cable distance from the exchange which is around 1.1 Km.


As you said that there are some days that the connection is working better. There's a possibility that we are experiencing some data bandwidth sharing issues.


You can try this Troubleshooting a Slow internet connection link to help us find out if there's a device which causes the data traffic on your network which affects the internet speed.


If you are using Wi-Fi connection, please check this Wi-Fi Troubleshooting link to help us improve your wireless network connection.


I have made some adjustment to the line which refreshes your connection as well.


Please keep us posted if the slow speed is still evident.