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speed at 0.01 mb/s

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hello tpg Can you please give me any update on nbn issue in Killara ? for the most of the times my nbn speed is 0.01 Mb/s - so it's even slower than dial up speed even though i'm paying for 100 Mb. It's been a week - i have called multiple times and it seems every time you open a new ticket and close it same day in afternoon. reaching you by phone in next to impossible as 99% of time i hear a message you have too many connections and that i should try later and if i manage to get through i have to wait for hours on waiting queue. no responses on emails or txt messages so i guess this forum is a sort of last hope. you can get more details for example in ticket 10241715 regards
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Hi @Riezl 


Thank you for response - sent details over PM

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Thanks @Riezl. Can you please add a note that I would prefer to get an email or SMS messages rather than a phone call ? I had multiple calls with TPG and I heard a multiple promises in the past - that somehow never were in your system, when i called next time. On this point all I want is an answer for 2 questions. 1. when the issue will be fixed and 2. how you will compensate the fact that i have no connection for over a week now. My speed today is 0.1 Mb/s - which I have to say is 10 times faster then yesterday and even 2 times faster then dial up but sill it is a bit far from 100Mb/s which i paying for regards

We'll advise our Technical Team to contact you on the email address we have on file,@przemek.

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Thanks @Riezl. I received an email from tech team saying that "Your internet should be working fine now." It's almost 1 am so i guess not that many people are online and my 100 Mb is like on screenshot below. Correct me if I'm wrong but i think this is quite far away from working fine

Thanks for getting back to us, @przemek. We have forwarded your message to our Technical Team so they can look into this further.


May we know if you're connecting all your devices via Wi-Fi? If so, we'd recommend having a read of these community articles, which may help improve the Wi-Fi speed:


Easy Steps to Improve Wi-Fi Connection In Your Home


Wireless Channel on your modem - what is it and why should I change it?


Wi-Fi troubleshooting steps - No Internet/Connection


If not, we'd recommend that you test the speed on a device directly connected to the modem via ethernet cable. This is just for comparative testing.


Let us know how it goes. Thank you.

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Hi @Riezl Already did - multple times including my first answer to email from tech. This amazing speed is on cable plugged directly into tpg router with 1.5 m cable. On wifi 30 cm from router speed is exactly the same - well it's pretty hard to get it any worse really.. 


Just before you go and suggest any reste etc - i've already done it all - i have checked speed on multple sites so it's not just speedtest. also ping seems to be loosing some packets as well


Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 100, Received = 96, Lost = 4 (4% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 10ms, Maximum = 948ms, Average = 67ms



Hi @przemek, thanks for taking the time to troubleshoot. We'll be needing your help to perform additional testing.


Please run the tests below on a device directly connected to the modem via ethernet cable.

Please run these tests during the time when the issue happens.

Please be aware that these instructions are for WINDOWS Computers. Should you be using a MAC computer or any other operating system please let us know so we could check if we have instructions for you.

These tests would require you to access the command prompt of your computer (for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7).
To access it please follow these instructions:

    • Click Start > Run.
    • On the text box type \"cmd\" without the quotations and click RUN.
    • A black screen will appear. This is the command prompt.
    • Click Start and look for the \"Start Search\" box.
    • Type \"cmd\" without the quotations and click RUN.
    • A black screen will appear. This is the command prompt
    • Search for application / program cmd



Also, these tests would require you to be able to get screenshots of your computer. A Screenshot is a function on your PC which allows you to save a copy of what your desktop looks like at the moment.

To make screenshots, push the "PRT SCR" or "PRINT SCREEN\\\" button on your keyboard. (Usually found on the upper right hand side across the F12 and beside the Scroll Lock).

Once done, open up a Microsoft Word document or Microsoft Paint.
Click Edit > Paste and you will see a picture of your desktop saved on the document.



  • To conduct a continuous ping, ensure that none of your other PCs are doing internet activity.
    • Open up the command prompt of one of your PCs.
    • Type the following in \"ping <IP address> -n 1000\" without the quotations. 
      • ping -n 1000
      • ping -n 1000
      • ping -n 1000


  • Wait for the test to finish and for the PING STATISTICS, found at the end, to show up.
  • Just send us a screenshot or a copy of the PING STATISTICS to this email.
  • We should have 3 ping test results



    • To conduct a trace route,
      • Open up the command prompt of one of your PCs.
      • Type the following in \"tracert\" without the quotations. 
      • EXAMPLE: tracert
      • Copy a screen shot of the trace route result




  •  For speed tests, please run the speed tests at :
  • Please just get a screenshot after the test is complete.
  • Please don\'t forget to indicate the timestamps for these tests.


Once you\'re done, please send the screenshots to


We hope to hear from you soon.


Thank you.

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thanks @Riezl all files have being sent. awaiting any replay now best regards
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hi @Riezl 


so the update is ... :


I checked your account and have seen that your service is now part of the outage.

You will receive an sms once the outage has been resolved.



srlsy ? my internet connection is not working for 11 days now and that's all your tech team can say ? will it take another 11 days or maybe weeks or maybe moths to fix it ?

how bad you customer service can be ?