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speed at 0.01 mb/s

Level 3
one more thing - according to nbn website there are no issue with my connection or in my area. so tpg is blaming nbn, nbn is saying not our problem and customers have to deal with this lack of responsibility .. just great
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Hi @Riezl 


I do indeed know that however those numbers are prety bad for download over adsl and imposible for upload .. maybe becouse  I'm not on adsl but on 100 MB nbn plan over HFC. If after looking on my account you don't know that this is pretty scary. Update that i got was your tech team asking again for the same pings and traceroute that i already sent.. 


screen from today amazing speed 

best regards


Level 3
Hi @Riezl It's been 2 weeks now. Today I waste another 2h on the phone just to talk with customer support and then escalation team. Just to hear .. another lies that my issue will definitely be resolved by 5 pm and that I'll get a call from engineering team .. well it's past 5 and i have to call it a day now - can you please send me a link to where I can cancel my account ? Seems like this link is a mystery and it's not listed anywhere. Please spare me another contact with your account management team - just please send me the link. Since you can't provide the service and keep lying to customers there is no way i can keep using your service best regards

We apologise for the inconvenience this issue has caused you and we are sorry to know that you're considering cancelling the service, @przemek.


We have monitored your connection, it shows stable and everything appears to be properly working now.


Your concern has been escalated to our Complaints Resolution Team and the case manager will contact you via email to discuss the matter.