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does a speedtest only test the line speed ie capacity of line and bear no actual eference to actual download speeds achievable.

I have just done a speedtest and it took 40 seconds to download 200 mb by my arithmetic that's 5mbps but test says it's 43mbps 200/43= 4.65 seconds.

Why the discrepancy?

Level 8

Hi @RJDSMITH14 The result you're getting is pretty much correct, when you consider that 1 byte = 8 bits, on a 100Mbps (megabits per sec) theoretical speed you could download 12.5MB/s (megabytes per sec) so your 43Mbps equates to 5.375MB/s so 200MB would take around 40 seconds to download.


What you're seeing is the 8x difference between megabyte and megabit.

Level 1b
At last an explanation. Well that makes the whole NBN a bigger con. It is promoted using terms nobody will understand. I have some training in network support and I was misled by mbps thinking it was megabytes.



Just an additional information.


Mbps (small "b") stands for Megabit per second, while MBps (capital "B") stands for Megabyte per second.


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