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hey guys 


as you know whatsapp released the whatsapp business app on the android and ios will be out soon

as we know tpg has a facebook page and verified with blue badge .


tpg has support can answer or talk to customers on fb messenger


so when tpg will use the whatsapp business app to create a tpg support on whatsapp messenger


whatsapp has the biggest fan base on the chatting market 

with 1.5 bill monthly users or more 


whatsapp can put offers and alot of staff on whatsapp by using the whatsapp stories like snapchat stories and facebook stories to advertise to customers about offers and new plans 


whatsapp business is very important and around half of the population in australia is using whatsapp messenger 


the conclusion is that tpg support should add whatsapp messenger as new platform like twitter and facebook 

and verify the phone number with green badge like the new business accounts on whatsapp


netflix even started making an enterprise with whatsapp and they verified a phone number on whatsapp and i have it ! as netflix will send every information on whatsapp instead on sms and email ! netflix is testing the whatsapp in india and brazil ! 


tpg ! plz do whatsapp support ??????????????????????????

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Hi @firefighter2021,

Had a look at the link you posted for the WhatsApp business app.


It definitely looks interesting and we are always looking at different and easier ways to communicate with our customers.


Right now as the App is its only available on android phones and is relatively new.

We will keep an eye on this one to see if there is any further development from WhatsApp moving forward.


This also hasn't been officially released in Australia yet. So we will wait till we can test it on our end.


Thanks for the point out.

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the whatsapp business app is already been released on the android in australia ! 


you can use it immediatly and u dont need to wait for iphone app 

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If anyone want to use whatsapp gb they should think twice because it does not support iPhone.