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internet problem

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I have 2 Asus computers one big ;one small the big one works well but de small one;since i came back from hollidays i can t acess the internet  it says no connections available  i apreciate any help because i don t no much about computers

         thanks   Isabel

Level 4

You need to tell us more:

1. Are both computers connected the same way to your internet modem? Wired LAN or WIFI?

2. If connection is via WIFI, check that you have the correct network Id and password

3. If connection is via LAN check the network properties.

4. What operating system are you using on each computer? Windows? Which version?

5. What brand/model is your internet modem?




Level 1

I have also faced the internet problem when I open the Exodus Kodi application my internet connection getting slow and the application not running well, thanks for your instruction.