upgrade nbn plan

Level 2


I moved in a new address and current plan is NBN12. 


I requested to upgrade to NBN50 about a month ago before I move in. I called TPG to active NBN today and asked if it is already upgraded? then the operator transfer me to another operator over the phone, apparently the 2nd operator did not know what happened, she just want to make a sales to me and requested me to buy a new modern and lock in 6 months contract. 


I told her a couple of times that my current modern is working now and just want to change the plan to NBN50, she did not care what i said and read me the terms and conditions, charge me $10 for a new modern delivery fee with 6 months contract, after a few minutes when she finally finish reading T&C, i asked her if the upgrade done? she then put me on hold a few minutes and come back to me, said: " oh, you just want to change the plan? ...........now i need to sent an escalate email, I will call you.....??????


so far, I still have not received any calls or emails. 


I just want to pay more to upgrade.


We are here to help turn your experience around, @shixiao81


Just send us a private message with your account details and we will take it from there.